Ultimate Shred Stack

Rari Nutrition

Infinity Flavor
Amino Mend Flavor

100% Real Ingredients with 100% Real Results:

In order to achieve maximum results for any fitness goal you must utilize proper supplementation. The Ultimate Shred Stack ensures your workouts are fueled, your muscles are recovering, and you’re burning unwanted fat. Combining these 3 key elements can drastically help you reach your health and fitness goals at a much faster pace.

Benefits with the Ultimate Shred Stack:

Increased Fat Loss*
Enhanced Energy, Focus and Performance*
Appetite Suppression and Thermogenesis*
Supports Muscle Recovery*
Reduces Muscle Soreness*

How to use:

  • INFINITY: Begin with using 1 scoop to assess tolerance. Once tolerance has been assessed you may move up to 2 scoops. (Do not exceed 2 scoops in 24 hours)
  • Lean Genes: Take 1-2 capsules per day depending on tolerance. For maximum results this should be taken on an empty stomach, however they can be taken with food if needed. (We recommend not to take this within 4-6 hours of INFINITY as both products contain caffeine)
  • Amino Mend: Amino Mend can be sipped throughout the day, during workouts, after workouts, or whenever you feel the need to hydrate.

Stack Contains:

Amino Mend
Lean Genes