Shaker Bottle
Shaker Bottle


Shaker Bottle

The shaker acts as a preparatory container as well, as the blender wire blends and mixes liquids when you are on-the-go.

Perfect Dissolve
Fit for regular use

Space-efficient design

Smooth to

the Last Drop

The rounded base ensures that the Blender Ball wire whisk reaches every last bit of powder—guaranteeing the smoothest possible shake. The bottle’s sleek-yet-substantial design fits most car and gym equipment cup holders.


Blender Wire

Here is a shaker bottle which will take care of your thirst on-the-go. The Spider Shaker Bottle has a patented wire whisk mixes the liquid you pour into the bottle while you shake it. It is designed to perform both the functions of whisking and shaking liquids when you are on the move.


and Design

The shaker is made of fine quality food grade material. It has a classic design which includes a lid on the mouth of the bottle which opens with just a push from the bottom, a mixer ball wire whisk which properly mixes the contents in the bottle and a loop at the top.

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A detachable storage compartment is provided with the water bottle. It can be used to store pills, mixes, protein powder and more, so that you can savour on your supplements after intense workouts or sportive activities.


proof lid

The super tight screw lid and the lockable flip top seal of the bottle prevents chances of spilling and leakage. Thus, you can store the bottle in the gym bag amidst of your gym clothes and accessories with no worries.

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How to Use it

1. Add liquid ingredients first, then add powders and thicker ingredients.
2. Before shaking, screw lid firmly onto base.
3. Press the flip cap down until you hear an snap. That’s the sign that the cap is securely closed.

For best mixing action, hold the upper half of the bottle firmly and shake by rotating your wrist.

Complete your regimen

amino mend


increased absorption




100% usa made.

all natural.


Our products are formulated with the best 100% natural and clinically dosed ingredients proven to achieve maximum muscle pump, power, and high performance for both men and women. Every ingredient is scientifically dosed to achieve maximum benefits without any unnecessary fillers. Shaker Bottle is sweetened with Stevia Extract and does not contain any artificial ingredients, dyes, or colors.

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